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Things that were released last year that still blow my mind every time I listen to them:
-Island Of Misfit Toys/Nervous Passenger split EP
-Crying “Get Olde” EP
-I Kill Giants self titled LP


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the island of misfit toys is the coolest band


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Lui drums for The Island of Misfit Toys.
It’s his birthday.
Happy birthday, brother.

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This song is just so great. Check this band out.

:) :) :)
Thanks for the kind wordsss
(expect it on the next record!)

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One of my favorite bandcamp finds. These guys are great.

You were my door to pry 
Open wide and make white light out of your troubles 
Make a note to myself: 
When I grow up, I will never desert you 
I could never truly hurt you 

YOU’RE great, and I’m so glad you’ve found us!

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The Island of Misfit Toys @ The Bottom Lounge

A perfect night at Bottom Lounge with The Dear Hunter

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It’s an honor to be anybody’s anything

:’) Hey, one of our songs!

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When is your next show in Chicago!?
hrios asked

AYYY we’re playing at Beat Kitchen on August 30th!!
It’s gonna be sooper fun + we’ll have new things there.

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Everyone should listen to The Island of Misfit Toys cause they’re the best band out there 

:’) :’) :’) Thanks for thinking of us like that!!