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If you were paralyzed
I’d condense the planet’s beauty bedroom-size 
If you had absent eyes 
I’d try and bring out their more lustrous side 
If you were struck blind
I’d sit and read to you most every night 
If you were deaf and mute
I’d just stay in the house and look at you

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Ily bae
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This is a video of my friend Anthony’s band “The Island of Misfit Toys” playing a song called “Architects” and it’s really fantastic and I urge you to watch it if you have 5 spare minutes to be blown away.

We get so heavy and we’ve gotta let it breathe

Preserve the image
of the last vibrant seconds I was clean
And I’m still smiling
Each notebook’s in a drawer
Thousands of words do what these pictures should’ve done”


Posted 3 weeks ago

The Island of Misfit Toys are hard at work.
Can’t wait to show you what on.

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Things that were released last year that still blow my mind every time I listen to them:
-Island Of Misfit Toys/Nervous Passenger split EP
-Crying “Get Olde” EP
-I Kill Giants self titled LP


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the island of misfit toys is the coolest band


Posted 1 month ago

Lui drums for The Island of Misfit Toys.
It’s his birthday.
Happy birthday, brother.

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This song is just so great. Check this band out.

:) :) :)
Thanks for the kind wordsss
(expect it on the next record!)

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One of my favorite bandcamp finds. These guys are great.

You were my door to pry 
Open wide and make white light out of your troubles 
Make a note to myself: 
When I grow up, I will never desert you 
I could never truly hurt you 

YOU’RE great, and I’m so glad you’ve found us!

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The Island of Misfit Toys @ The Bottom Lounge

A perfect night at Bottom Lounge with The Dear Hunter