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we have joined the ranks of all of your favorite bands and whatnot and have just made an iomt twitter, as well as instagram!

you can find both of those at iomtband. add us!

keep your eyes on those over the coming month or two, we’ve got a lot of updates coming soon…

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Green Fest last summer
Look at Mark

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this band called The Island of Misfit Toys opened for ghost mice and I’m in LOVE with them they are SO INCREDIBLE

STOP IT, YOU’RE TOO NICE!!! <3 <3 <3

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i feel really stupid and i’m so upset for absolutely no reason basically. little things happened tonight but i feel like my whole day and night have been terrible and they really haven’t and now i’m in bed listening to island of misfit toys and crying because i’m hormonal or something 

This is Anthony from The Island of Misfit Toys. I’ve had these nights many many many times. And I promise you, there’s too much joy in this world to let all these little things add up. You’re a lot stronger than that. Trust me, I had to learn the hard way. I’m glad you like our music and listen to it during hard times like this, mainly because a lot of it comes from MY times like that. Stay real. I hope you feel better.

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The first episode of Anthony’s talk show, The Very Show!
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Sprite, 7-Up or Sierra Mist?
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The Island of Misfit Toys

Anthony playing solo at the Count Your Lucky Stars SXSW showcase!!!

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Listen to: Work by The Island of Misfit Toys

all day erry day

<3 <3 <3!

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Interview with Anthony Sanders of The Island of Misfit Toys

Seeing The Island of Misfit Toys play the Township a few weeks ago was one of the most exciting shows I’ve been to in a while. I was immediately taken in by the nine-piece’s eclectic, energetic sound and singer and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Sander’s ability to draw in a crowd who was mostly there to see the headliners. I was SO taken, in fact, that I approached Anthony for an interview after the show ended. Luckily, Anthony is a friendly, personable guy and enthusiastically replied “DUDE! YES!”

I spoke with Anthony as he was recording Island’s new full length, I Made You Something, that is due out this summer. We discussed the band’s origins, Yung Lean, the new record, and his favorite places to eat in Chicago.

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An interview regarding I Made You Something, and the band in general!